U Hit It

Here is another dating/hookup site that lets you meet other gorgeous women looking for a relationship. UHitIt.com is a website that acts as your “wingman” or “bridge” when meeting other girls.

The premise in using the site is that you register, tell them what you are looking for (man or woman), and U Hit It will let you gain access to the member’s profiles and contact details. You are free to email or text your chosen lady and make arrangements on where, how, and what time you should meet. After that, the floor is now yours!

The website interface is pretty straightforward when it comes to what the platform can offer you, albeit a little bland. It does not make any promises or does it introduces their service properly. This site will make you realize that the huge chunks of text you often see in different homepages—the ones you often just scan or scroll through—is actually a valuable tool in getting to know more about the site you are visiting.

Thankfully, UHitIt.com has Terms of Use, Privacy, and Support pages that you can visit if you want to know more about their platform. From there, you will find out that this site is actually part of a network sponsored by iBill. From there, you would also know that it is actually a premium hookup site. So if you don’t want to spend money to get a hookup through this platform, proceed with caution.

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